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Reunited Children

Jeevan - Age 4 years
A certain person named Raju brought Jeevan to THARA on the 14th of March, 2008. He found the child in front of Secunderabad Railway-station. Neither Raju nor the boy was unable to give any information about the parents of the child except the name of the father, ie. Mr Mohan. While Mr Mohan was in search of the child in another center run by another NGO, it was there one of the THARA boys, Rohit encountered Mr Mohan. Thanks to Rohit who led Mohan to THARA on the 16th of March 2008. The father of the boy revealed to the Director that the child was whisked by an unknown person giving the boy ice-cream and chocolates and did not know the intention of that man. Mohan and family are from Nepal and settled in Hyderabad.
Sameer - Age 11 years
Sameer is son of late S H Mulli and Arjuna Begum. He is from Kolkotha, in West Bengal. When he was nine years old he lost his father. Soon after that incident he was asked to work along with his uncle who was a goldsmith. He found difficult to do the job so he ran away from there and went to different places like Mumbai, UP, etc. He reached in THARA on the 2nd of March 2007. It was difficult to contact his mother who knew only Bengali. The Director contacted a Religious Sisters’ Convent in West Bengal. One of the Sisters contacted Sameer’s mother and later the woman spoke to her child before she arrived in THARA. The boy was unwilling to go back home with the mother. Therefore he ran away from THARA before the mother arrived in THARA. When Sameer’s mother and Uncle reached THARA, they were disappointed to know that Sameer had gone away from THARA. A week long search for him by them failed to trace him. But after two months again he arrived in THARA. This time the Director made all efforts and succeeded in handing over the child to the mother.
Ganesh - Age 17 years, Weight 38 Kgs
Ganesh is a mentally challenged child. He was brought to THARA on the 9th Oct 2007 from Secunderabad Railway Station. His parents are Mr Narasimha and Mrs Manjula and they are from West Godawari District in Andhra Pradesh. It was accidental a certain person named Chinna who visited THARA and recognized Ganesh and told the director that he knows Ganesh’s parents. He also told that Ganesh’s father is a rickshaw puller. Thanks to Mr Chinna who made possible to bring Ganesh’s parents to THARA and helped the re-union possible.
Rajeswari - Age 19 years
Rajeswari is the daughter of Mr Narasiha rao and Mrs Lalitha. They are from Hyderabad. Rajeswari informed us that she was given in marriage by her parents some months ago and she was tortured by her husband. Therefore she ran away from him. She told she wants to have divorce from him and was unwilling to go back to her parents. After her month long stay in THARA the director made arrangements for her an employment. But after a few days she discontinued the work and made her willingness to go back home. Hence the director contacted her mother and she took her daughter to their home.